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– Work with us

Agrotek is committed to developing our employees in line with our ambitious strategy for growth. Our Human Resources team is continuously seeking motivated individuals with strong managerial, technical and business skills who are interested in developing a long-term and satisfying career with Agrotek

– Career Opportunities

Here you will find current employment opportunities across Agrotek offices and operational sites. As a company with a reputation for solid business and amazing employees, Agrotek is a target for talented graduates who are keen for future success.

– Training and Development

Agrotek have invested significant time and money in a number of training and development initiatives and programmes. This includes in-house and external training courses for developing our key potential and talented employees covering their technical skills areas. Developing our employees’ skills and abilities is the core priority of our HR strategy. This is targeted, on-the-job training, offered to the people we think will gain the most benefit from it.