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We approach corporate responsibility from four perspectives, which we call the “four quadrants”—communityenvironment, people and marketplace.

By considering the wider impacts of our decisions in these four quadrants we are better able to develop a comprehensive strategy that embeds corporate responsibility into all our business planning and processes.

Agrotek’s CSR Policies include social, environmental and economic considerations in our decisions and processes. It is also about creating and applying innovative solutions to the challenges our society and environment face. This requires that all parts of Agrotek, other stakeholders and all section of the community where we are present collaborate to ensure the best possible outcome for the constituents. In this way, we build credibility and integrity as a trusted member of the community.

In the community where we are located, we strive continually to be a responsible corporate citizen. In line with our corporate values of Care, Support and Empathize with our host communities. Agrotek initiates programmes and projects relating to health, education and humanitarian services that support our environment and the communities we serve. We are thus positioning ourselves to lead the culture of service excellence in the industry tomorrow and into the future.


We conduct our business and operational activities in such a way to minimize the risk and to guarantee the safety of its personnel. Agrotek is committed to the provision of workplace and services which comply with current applicable legal requirements and with the highest HSE standards.   We strive to safeguard the health and safety of all employees, suppliers and third parties and we also minimize the impact of our activities on the environment, thereby maintaining good relationship with host communities and all stakeholders to enhance the security of life and company’s assets.

  • Agrotek is committed and strive to:
  • Hazards relevant to our activities are identified, assessed and controlled to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of employees and others who may be affected by our work.
  • Embark on Pre-employment medical examination to determine fitness of every employee.
  • Reduce exposure to hazardous substances, noise, vibration, chemical handling, and manual lifting.
  • Provide a qualified Nurse or First Aider at the project site with adequately stocked first aid box and maintain a retainer clinic.
  • Minimize accidents and work related ill health, by good working practices, employees are encouraged to discuss Health & Safety issues and improvements with the management.
  • Ensure that risk to personnel and equipment involved in the production are identified, assessed and controlled.
  • Ensure that all personnel on any of our machinery and equipment shall wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), Safety shoes, coveralls and hard hats which will be given to all employees.
  • Reduce waste and the consumption of materials, avoid where practicable any harm to the environment and prevent pollution of all types.
  • Communicate the policy to all employees, clients, suppliers, interested parties, and staff working on behalf of Agrotek.


Agrotek Value Chains Agent Ltd is committed to providing a superior quality parboiled polished rice that meets specified national and international safety and Quality criteria and the expectations of our customers. Our standard is delivered and consistently maintained through diligent application of our robust quality and compliance programs. The company’s quality objectives have been established and will be reviewed on a regular basis. To achieve and uphold this standard; we are committed to:

  • Develops a fully integrated and documented rice quality system and procedures.
  • Conducts business with integrity and in compliance with the recognized international and national standards guidelines and processes
  • Works closely and cooperatively with all our external suppliers, customers and regulatory bodies to ensure quality standards are maintained across the supply chain
  • Ensures that all company employees, suppliers and contractors comply with the company’s quality standards, guidelines and processes.
  • Establish measurable quality goals and targets supported by processes to accurately measure, trend and report our progress across the supply chain
  • Regularly review the quality and safety Policy and where required, updated to form part of our due diligence programme.