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Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy defines how we do our business and where we’re going to.


Our vision is to be the leading rice brand name producer in Nigeria and the neighboring African countries.


Our mission is to produce the best quality rice product that will satisfy our client’s nutrients need, using the best technology, production processes, and human capital, adhering to international best practices and standard.


Our value defines how we want to conduct ourselves and our business, and help us to create value for our customers, our people and our organization.

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Performance
  • Quality Product delivery



  • To be the number one producer of rice and other rice products in Nigeria and beyond, by providing superior service and quality products.
  • To always make rice and rice products, available to consumers at affordable price.
  • To embark upon quality Parboil rice production that shall compete with international standards in rice production.